Upcycled Brewery Grain Flour in Tortillas

Product Changes

Brewery grain flour is an upcycled ingredient that packs a punch with plenty of protein, fiber, and flavor.

Partially replacing bleached wheat flour with this ingredient superstar created a tortilla with a more balanced nutritional profile without sacrificing the flavor and texture that consumers love.

How We Helped

The tortillas with brewery grain flour were a step above those with only bleached wheat flour in several ways:


Improved nutrition, including a 300% increase in dietary fiber and a 50% increase in protein.


Increased sustainability. In addition, products with 10% or more of upcycled ingredients qualify for a front of label certification.


Better flavor, by enhancing toasty and complex aromas for a more delicious tortilla.


And this is all without negatively affecting dough handling and culinary performance.

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