Lupin Flour in Pastry Cream

Product Changes

Enriching pastry cream with lupin bean flour packs a punch of protein and fiber, without detracting from the smooth, rich experience of this filling.

As part of eclairs, mille feuilles, tarts and other pastries, this is a great option for:

  • Increasing Nutrition
  • Improving Sustainability
  • Creating Mindful Indulgence

This improved pastry cream still had a velvety texture that was stable over time, comforting vanilla flavor without off-notes, and a rich, full mouthfeel.

How We Helped

By adding a small amount of lupin flour (12% of total recipe weight), this revamped pastry cream:


Has 250% more protein


Jumps from no dietary fiber to 45g (per 1000g batch)


Lupin beans are known for being low-water, regenerative crops- meaning they return nutrients to the soil, leaving the land better than when it was planted


Consumers are increasingly choosing to purchase comforting snacks and desserts that are not only better for their bodies, but also better for the Earth

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