Cacao Pulp in Blackberry Sorbet

Product Changes

Cacao pulp powder stood out to us as a potential sorbet star for a couple of reasons:

  • Has sweet, tart, and floral notes that enhance fruit flavor
  • Contains additional pectin

In sorbet, pectin both thickens and inhibits the formation of large ice crystals – leading to softer and smoother mouthfeel.

For this sorbet, we replaced 25% of the added sugar with freeze dried cacao pulp.

How We Helped

The cacao pulp sorbet was better than the full sugar version in several ways:


It was softer and easier to scoop after freezing for 24 hours.


It melted slower at room temperature and was more resistant to freezer burn.


It had a smoother and fuller mouthfeel.


It had a more intense blackberry flavor with fruity notes from the cacao pulp.


As well as the on-label benefits of being upcycled certified and lowered sugar content!

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